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Veneers Q&A

If you’ve always wanted a beautiful, Hollywood-worthy smile, consider veneers. These custom-crafted shells of porcelain can mask oral imperfections and make your teeth stunningly white. At Davidson Dental Group, serving  San Leandro, Castro Valley, Oakland, California, and the surrounding areas, general dentist Elena Davidson, DDS, has years of experience placing veneers. To make an appointment, call the office today or book online.

What are veneers?

Veneers are ultrathin shells made of porcelain bonded to the front of your permanent teeth. They can treat a variety of cosmetic concerns and with proper care, often last a decade or longer. 

If you chip a tooth, you can get a single veneer, but Dr. Davidson typically recommends at least 6-8. That way, your smile appears more balanced and symmetrical.  

What issues can veneers treat?

At Davidson Dental Group, Dr. Davidson uses veneers to cover minor oral imperfections, including:

  • Gaps between teeth
  • Pointy teeth
  • Smaller-than-average teeth
  • Unusually shaped teeth

You might also benefit from veneers if you have stained or discolored teeth that can’t be treated with Philips Zoom! teeth whitening.

Can anyone receive veneers?

To receive veneers you need healthy teeth that are properly aligned. If you have cavities or your teeth are misaligned, Dr. Davidson might recommend a filling or orthodontic treatment before moving forward with veneers.

What does getting veneers involve?

At Davidson Dental Group, getting veneers takes two visits about a week apart.

First veneers visit

At your initial consultation, Dr. Davidson conducts an oral exam and asks about the issues you’d like to address. If your teeth are healthy and in good condition, she administers a local anesthetic and removes a thin layer of enamel from each tooth.

Next, Dr. Davidson takes digital scans of your mouth. She sends your scans to a professional dental facility that uses them to design and manufacture your custom veneers.

Second veneers visit

When the dental facility completes your veneers, you return to Davidson Dental Group. Dr. Davidson administers a local anesthetic and bonds the veneers to your permanent teeth. Once the bonding material dries, she polishes your veneers and provides instructions for at-home care.

How long do veneers last?

Dental veneers last an average of 12-15* years, but it’s possible to extend their use. Dr. Davidson recommends:

  • Brushing your teeth two times daily
  • Flossing before going to bed
  • Avoiding bad habits like biting down on hard objects like popcorn kernels or ice
  • Wear a nightguard, if you have been diagnosed
  • Visiting Davidson Dental Group two times a year

To learn more about veneers, make an appointment at Davidson Dental Group by calling the office today or scheduling online.

*Individual results may vary.