Preventive Dentistry

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Preventive Dentistry Q&A

Investing in preventive dentistry is one of the best decisions you can make. Regular trips to the dentist can keep your teeth, gums, and mouth healthy for years to come. At Davidson Dental Group serving San Leandro, Castro Valley, Oakland, California, and the surrounding areas, general dentist Elena Davidson, DDS, offers several types of preventive care, including oral exams, X-rays, teeth cleaning, and fluoride treatment. To make an appointment, call the office today or book online.

What is preventive dentistry?

Preventive dentistry keeps your teeth and gums healthy with routine checkups, X-rays, and dental cleanings. It also includes education on important daily practices like brushing, flossing, and good nutrition.

It’s important to invest in preventive dentistry even if your teeth and gums appear healthy. Many potentially serious issues, like cavities and gum disease, present few symptoms early on. Regular visits to Davidson Dental Group can alert you when they’re most responsive to treatment.

What services does preventive dentistry provide?

At Davidson Dental Group, Dr. Davidson offers various preventive dental services, including:

Oral exams

An oral exam is a routine checkup that assesses the health of your gums, tongue, teeth, and mouth. During an exam, Dr. Davidson uses a handheld mirror to observe all aspects of your mouth. If she uncovers anything abnormal, she can order additional tests, like X-rays or a biopsy.


X-rays use small electronic sensors to capture detailed images of your jaw, tooth roots, and alveolar bone. Dr. Davidson uses X-rays to detect issues invisible to the naked eye. You might also benefit from X-rays if you need oral surgery. 

Teeth cleaning

Teeth cleaning is a quick, outpatient procedure that removes plaque from your teeth and beneath your gums. After cleaning your teeth, Dr. Davidson polishes them, flosses them, and provides at-home care instructions.

Dental sealants

Dental sealants are thin coverings made of plastic that reduce the risk of cavities. Sealants are particularly beneficial for children who have a history of tooth decay.

Fluoride treatment

Fluoride is a mineral found in many foods and natural water sources. When applied to your teeth, it bolsters your enamel, reducing the risk of tooth decay. Following an oral exam, Dr. Davidson can determine if you qualify.

When should I make a preventive dentistry appointment?

At Davidson Dental Group, Dr. Davidson recommends all people schedule a preventive dental exam once every six months. 

Even if you brush and floss regularly and eat a healthy diet, there’s still the potential for tooth decay and gum disease. Routine checkups can preserve your oral health and provide peace of mind.

To explore the benefits of preventive dentistry, make an appointment at Davidson Dental Group by calling the office today or scheduling online.