Understanding Dental Insurance Plans

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Understanding Dental Insurance Plans

Understanding dental insurance can be exhausting, even for the people at the insurance companies! Thankfully, at Davidson Dental Group, we have a team of highly trained insurance specialists who can explain the nitty gritty of PPOs and help with confusing terminology such as capitation, maximum allowable charge (MAC) plan, benefit waiting period and co-pays.

If you can’t find out what you need online, you’re welcome to call one of our treatment care coordinators to ask your specific questions.

Here is our phone number: 510-352-9212

Dental Insurance Terminology

The words insurance companies use can literally be incomprehensible, but we’ve found this glossary of terminology from Delta Dental to be very helpful.

Shopping For A New Dental Insurance Plan?

WebMD provides a very good overview of what to look for in a dental insurance plan. And Delta Dental has an easy-to-read guide to understanding dental coverage.

However, sometimes patients realize that not going through an insurance company is actually more cost effective than paying the monthly fees and co-pays. 

For those who do not have dental insurance, we provide several payment plan options that will help you pay for the cost of necessary dental work.

What do you want to know about dental insurance plans? Send us an email at info@davidsondentalgroup.com