Sugar-Free Drinks And Their Effect On teeth. A Healthy Alternative Or A Hidden Pest?

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Sugar-Free Drinks And Their Effect On teeth. A Healthy Alternative Or A Hidden Pest?

Store shelves are full of a very large amount of sugar-free sweet drinks. We see them as a better alternative compared to their classic version due to their low calorie content. However, are they indifferent to the teeth, even though they do not contain white sugar? Although most people know that sugar harms teeth, the relationship between sugar consumption and tooth decay is not so widely understood. By consuming a sugar product, the bacteria in the mouth convert it into acid, which then damages the teeth. The same effect is achieved by the consumption of any very acidic drink. It can be considered as omitting the first steps in this process. How does this relate to sugar-free drinks?  Many of the flavorings used in their production turn them into acidic products. This has been shown in a study by the University of Melbourne. Acidic drinks weaken the outer layer of the tooth and accelerate a process called erosion. These damages can accumulate and the process of destroying the outer layer will start to progress very quickly, which will weaken their structure. There is no doubt that reducing the sugar content of your diet is a smart move, but you should be very careful not to overuse sugar-free drinks or isotonic drinks. The only drinks that are neutral to your teeth are milk and water. What then should you remember?

● after eating or drinking acidic products, do not brush your teeth immediately, as this may adversely affect the weakened layer of the tooth

● chewing gum (sugar-free, absolutely!) Can help to increase saliva production, which will naturally neutralize the acid's effects

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