San Leandro Dentist – All In The Family

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San Leandro Dentist – All In The Family

Dr. Elena Davidson is a San Leandro dentist, mother, friend and owner of Davidson Dental Group, a true family dental practice.

Dr. Davidson is the third generation of dentists in her family following the footsteps of her father, Dr. Warren Davidson (pictured here) and her maternal grandmother and grandfather who were dentists in Russia before emigrating to the US.

Dr. Warren Davidson, the first Davidson to be a San Leandro dentist, opened up Davidson Dental Group in 1970 at the same location it is now. Elena grew up visiting her dad at the office and decided from an early age that she too wanted to help people take excellent care of their teeth.

Two of the Davidson Dental Group oral hygienists, Jeane + Janette, have been with the practice for over 20 years and remember when Elena was young and would come to the office to watch her father give cleanings. Ever since, Dr. Davidson has been passionate about serving the San Leandro community and helping people achieve excellent oral health.

Davidson Dental Group is a true family dental practice in San Leandro, and proud to have served the community since 1970.

For more information on San Leandro dentist, Dr. Elena Davidson, send us an email or call us at 510-352-9212.